Translating every experience and impression from reality: this is what this work consists of, and it is done to try and understand the mystery. It helps one’s concentration and creates the space for the opportunity to express oneself, in order not to allow life to slide past, without being taken into consideration.

Architectural and interior details, rocks and animals are all hidden in the collage of trees. Overgrown painted animals emerge from this uncommon vegetation. The richness of detail contrasts with the monotonous repetition of the Florentine fleur-de-lis and the minimalism of white and black fields of paint. A girl strolls by, flies, rests, climbs stairs or simply lives in a world that does not follow the rules of gravity. The landscape shown appears as though it were the reflection of a magic mirror. This translates into symbols and synthetizes the complexity of reality and restores it all in a new order.

Harmony and formal, spiritual equilibrium, plus a desire of unity move my work. The factors called into play are many and varied, and every work is a challenge and development strictly linked to everyday life.
Alice Colombo

“Imagine a pure, crystalline dream, a tabula rasa where animate and inanimate objects take shape. Imagine a delicate, sensitive creature like the heroine of a Victorian fairy tale who is entirely intent on investigating, reflecting upon, thinking, trying to set links, connections, conjunctions among seemingly casual figures.

Eventually, imagine that this space of images is like a notebook, a diary where one can write down the modus operandi of every exploration.

Well, Alice Colombo’s works are made in this way, unrealistic plates, conglomerations of images to be decrypted as if they were enigmas, rebus, riddles created by a feverish, restless and fanciful unconscious.”

(Ivan Quaroni _ extract from the catalogue The Place Between)